Our firm is comprised of a diverse legal team with years of state and federal courtroom experience. Our practice devotes its efforts equally between civil matters and criminal defense. Kaplan Sconzo & Parker is recognized nationally for their advocacy on behalf of their clients.

Our clients receive unparalleled representation from two former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a former Chief Assistant State Attorney.

Stuart N. Kaplan and Joseph G. Sconzo, the managing partners at Kaplan Sconzo & Parker, P.A., are former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and bring the unique perspective of having experience on both sides of the process.

Elizabeth L. Parker, name partner of Kaplan Sconzo & Parker, P.A., is a former Chief Assistant State Attorney at the Palm Beach County State Attorneys’ Office.

With a combined 40 years of investigative experience and over 50 years of courtroom participation and legal experience, we are able to provide comprehensive legal solutions to a wide range of situations.

Nov. 22, 2016 Nov. 28, 2016

Trump pasará Thanksgiving en su mansión de Florida

"Va a ser un examen de equilibrio para el Servicio Secreto, tendrán que equilibrar los protocolos a los que están acostumbrados para proteger al presidente sin molestar en demasía a los otros miembros que seguramente estarán ahí para disfrutar de esta festividad", dijo Stuart Kaplan, ex agente del FBI.

New study raises questions over the effectiveness of police body cameras

WPTV's Law Enforcement Expert Stuart Kaplan is not surprised by the Milwaukee and Spokane studies. “After a few days, you become completely unaware of the fact that all of your actions are actually being captured on video,” he says. Kaplan believes the real issue is not the cameras - it's training. “If you should not have been a law enforcement officer in the first place, that video camera is not going to be necessarily a deterrent,” he says. Kaplan says the camera debate distracts from that issue.

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