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Over twenty years ago, I told a lawyer I knew that I’d decided to go to law school and he replied, “Law is a meat-grinding hell.” I waited for him to say more but that was all he had for me. I considered his point of view, but my lovely wife was pregnant and I needed a career. So to law school I went. 

I’m glad I did. I like practicing law. I like our legal system and I especially like getting my clients through the process so that they can focus on their lives and not on the stress and worry of having been sued. And most of my clients have been sued, which is usually a new and, for some, a terrifying experience. That’s true whether it’s an individual human being who has been sued or a company. I like helping them so that the process isn’t so uncertain and scary.  

I’ve practiced civil litigation in Washington since about 2007. I’ve won jury trials and arbitrations and settled countless cases. I’ve mostly litigated injury cases, commercial disagreements, construction cases, and insurance policy disputes. My least favorite case was the small claims case where I sued someone and represented myself. I won, but the whole time what I really wanted was a lawyer to take the burden off me and handle everything, even though I was a lawyer myself. The whole ordeal stressed me out, kept me sleepless, and robbed my joy for months, but it revealed how valuable a lawyer is to a client—we get you through it.  

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Dan Kirkpatrick KSP Law

Dan Kirkpatrick

Education & Experience

  • Vashon High School 1997

  • University of Washington Undergraduate 2002

  • University of Washington Law School 2006. 

    • Law Review​

    • Notes-Comments Editor, Washington Law Review 2005-2006

    • 2006-2007 Law Clerk at the Washington State Court of Appeals for the Honorable H. Joseph Coleman and the Honorable Linda Lau

    • Author-Note, “Zoned Secular: Seattle’s Prohibition of New Religious Facilities in Industrial Zones Violates The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act’s ‘Equal Terms’ Rule” – 81 Wash. Law  Rev. 191 (2006) 

  •  Certified Settlement Guardian Ad Litem

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