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I like being a lawyer. Many of my clients have had no prior experience with the legal system until they engage my services. I enjoy guiding my clients through the complexities of their cases. People seek our firm’s assistance because they require solutions to their legal problems. Our firm takes the stress of litigation from clients by expertly managing all aspects of a lawsuit.


My practice primarily involves defending individuals and businesses being sued for various reasons. In addition, I initiate lawsuits and represent clients who have suffered significant injuries, whose rights have been infringed, or who have endured other harms. My my dual experience as both a plaintiff's attorney and a defense attorney has honed my skills in both areas. 

Regardless of whom I represent, I believe it is crucial to treat both my clients and opposing parties with kindness and professionalism. I have successfully navigated cases through arbitrations, mediations, settlements, trials, appeals, and even to the Supreme Court. I am always available to take calls from prospective clients seeking representation or from current clients inquiring about the status of their case.

Call: 206-629-4997

Zach Parker

Zach Parker KSP Law

Education & Experience

  • Whitworth University 2007

    • Degree in Speech Communication and Spanish​

  • Seattle University School of Law 2017 with honors

    • Interned for the Honorable Judge Chun

    • Interned for the Honorable Judge Zilly 

  • ​Clerked for the Honorable Judge Sutton at Washington State Court of Appeals Division II

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